Instituto Superior Técnico

Graduate Area


  • management of records related to 1st, 2nd and integrated cycle programmes;
  • organization and control of records concerning student registration, enrolment, attendance and achievement;
  • compliance with all requirements needed to elaborate an equivalence plan;
  • dissemination and organization of all procedures concerning applications and programmes;
  • development of all procedures involved in the creation, change and suspension of programmes;
  • release, posting and filing of score rosters;
  • development of tuition fee procedures in particular in what concerns collection of these fees;
  • collection of charges, fees and other payments from students;
  • management of academic records;
  • issue and delivery of diplomas and certificates in general;
  • delivery of notices, orders and relevant information;

In the context of its duties, the Graduate Office ensures that

  • current legislation is complied with;
  • internal rules and regulations are implemented;
  • the decisions adopted by the School’s relevant bodies are observed.