Instituto Superior Técnico

Graduate Area

Mobility Programs

As part of its strategic policy, IST is actively involved in several networks and international programmes to promote student mobility. This way, IST students may acquire the experience of studying abroad in one of our partner schools and be exposed to an international, multicultural environment, which is an important component of the educational background of a professional of science, engineering and architecture these days. Likewise, IST follows an active strategy of attracting international students.

We actively participated in various international networks and programmes, which are designed to offer mobility to students who attend course units of 2nd cycle.

IST has celebrated more than two hundred agreements with different international universities under the scope of the ERASMUS Programme and we offer you more than 20 joint MSc (Double Diploma) programmes, in cooperation with some largest international schools.

The Mobility and International Cooperation Office coordinates the participation of IST in several international mobility programmes and networks: Study at IST, Study Abroad and Mobility within Portugal.