Instituto Superior Técnico

Graduate Area

Working-student Statute

Upon 30 days after enrolment in each semester, students should deliver proof of their capacity as a working student. Under article 148 of Law 35/2004 of July 29th and to give proof of the working student capacity, he/she should deliver at the Graduate Unit of the Academic Services a duly certified statement from the employer, which must contain the following information:

  1. Full identification of employer (including number of beneficiary of Social Security);
  2. Employee’s name;
  3. Type of labour agreement;
  4. Position;
  5. Weekly work schedule;
  6. Monthly payment;
  7. Number of employee’s number of beneficiary of Social Security;
  8. Employee’s taxpayer number;
  9. Proof of tax obligations fulfilled at the Social Security services;

The students who want to enjoy the working student status in virtue of being self-employed persons will be subject to the same procedure and must deliver a document with elements 1, 6, 7 and 8, in addition to proof of office (i.e. copy of income tax). These elements must be delivered at the Graduation Unit of the Academic Services until 30 working days after the deadline of the enrolment period of each semester, and the working student status is awarded per semester. Failure to deliver any of the previously mentioned information should be a reason for rejecting to award the working student status. It will be not mandatory for working students to enroll in a minimum number of course units.

The students lose the rights laid down by Law when they fail to pass in two consecutive years, or three alternate years (Article 153 and article 148 of Law No. 35/2004). Academic performance means passing the academic year or passing at least half of the subjects in which the working student is enrolled (rounded down, where necessary).