Instituto Superior Técnico

Graduate Area


To apply to the Status “Special Educational Needs” (SEN), the interested Student must present at Academic Unit:

  • A written requirement addressed to the President of IST (available at the academic Frontoffice);
  • Documentary evidence (e.g. medical report, medical certificate and/or other, which attest the condition and the respective consequences in their academic performance) giving proof of the conditions set out in the previously, where the degree of disability is stated;
  • Application form.

The process is submitted to a superior decision based on the specific regulation. The recognition of this Status is given each academic year. Students with specific educational needs resulting from their temporary health condition  may submit  the application at any time, in the course of the academic year.

Students with health conditions that prevent them from taking the written tests, extended or temporarily, may require NAPE personalized support . This follow-up service is made by the NAPE Guides when each test is being taken, which must be agreed between the teacher and the student in due time.

For further information about this Status, contact:

Carolina Ferreira | 21 841 90 21 (Ext. 3021)

Location: Acadmic Unit | Campus Alameda – Central Pavilion (ground floor)

Coordenation: Cristina David