Instituto Superior Técnico

Graduate Area

Special Educational Needs

The Academic Unit offers support to IST Students with Special Educational Needs arising from their health condition, temporary or prolonged, providing special conditions, such as:

  •  Attendance and evaluation schemes;
  • The use of technical aids / support products especially produced and made available in order to prevent, compensate, monitor, mitigate or neutralize any impairment, activity limitation and participation restriction (e.g. devices, equipment, instruments, technology and software).

To apply to the Status “Special Educational Needs” (SEN), the interested Student must present at Academic Unit and follow the procedures at the beginning of the Academic Year. Students with specific educational needs resulting from their temporary health condition  may submit  the application at any time, in the course of the academic year.

For further information about this Status, contact:

Carolina Ferreira | 21 841 90 21 (Ext. 3021)

Location: Acadmic Unit | Campus Alameda – Central Pavilion (ground floor)

Coordenation: Cristina David

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