Instituto Superior Técnico

Graduate Area

Tuition fees

As specified in Law 37/2003, of 22nd August, the tuition fee is the attendance fee due by the student to the higher education Institution he/she attends, which aims at contributing to the costs of his/her education (Articles 15.º and 16.º).

Tuition Fee Payment

1. Upon enrolment or within the following 10 working days, IST students will pay the tuition fee in full or choose to pay a first installment. The payment of the other seven installments will be made until the deadlines defined in number 2.

2.  The other IST students can make the payment of the tuition fee in the course of the academic year as follows:

  • First installment, until 8th November (163.47 euros);
  • Second installment, until 8th December (150 euros);
  • Third installment, until 8st January (150 euros);
  • Fourth installment, until 8st February (150 euros);
  • Fifth installment, until 8st March (150 euros);
  • Fifth installment, until 8st April (150 euros);
  • Seventh installment, until 8st May (150 euros);

3.  The students may choose to pay the tuition fee in full during the period of payment of the first installment.

The tuition fee is payed through Fénix System with student’s IST ID.

4. Regarding students who have applied for a Grant under current law, tuition fees will only be paid after the final decision on the grant application has been issued, and then a further 15-working day deadline will be granted to remedy the situation.

5. Regarding the students who only enroll in 2nd semester course units, the tuition fee will be made in full until May.

Part-time Students

Regarding part-time students that are under the provisions of Article 46-C of Decree-Law No. 107/2008 of 25th June 25, the total tuition fee to be paid annually, will be calculated according to the formula below:

Tuition fee = 0,4 x P x (1 + IECTS/60):

  • P – Annual tuition fee of the programme in which the student is enrolled.
  • IECTS – The sum of ECTS of the course units in which the student is enrolled.

The tuition fee will be paid in two installments, which overlap in time with the second and the last instalment.

Failure to timely pay due tuition fees within the deadlines established in these Regulations will result in the payment of monthly interest on arrears at the legal rate of 4% per month. t will be due on the first day of the respective month. In addition, it will lead to the cancellation of all academic actions carried out during the academic year (“Academic actions”) do not cover however registration and enrollment and no academic information will be provided, of official nature, in the Registrar of the Academic Services.

School insurance and Registrar fee

In addition to the payment of the tuition fee, each IST student should also make the payments due for the annual school insurance and the Registrar fee. The amount of the school insurance and the Registrar fee will be fixed every year by the Governing Board and disclosed by the Graduate Unit and in Part I of the IST Academic Guide, and are paid together with the 1st installment of the tuition fee.